Silver-Tone Box Chain - 1.5 Mm X 22 Length 1.5Mm In
Silver-Tone Box Chain - 1.5 Mm X 22 Length 2Mm In

Silver-tone Box Chain - 1.5 mm x 22" Length

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    Silver-tone Box Chain Necklace

    Cube links join together to form the box link chain, also referred to as a “Venetian chain.”  This chain is sturdy and quietly elegant.  This chain is suitable for both men and women.  Silver-tone Box Chain Necklace is high-quality, silver-tone, stainless steel.

    • Dimensions: 1.5 mm x 22" Length, or 2 mm x 22" Length
    • Material:  Stainless steel

    Stainless Steel:  Known for its high strength, malleable nature, and durability, stainless steel is an alloy of iron and carbon.  Easy to shape, its attractive silvery tone makes it ideal for jewelry applications.  Often, electroplating produces rich gold, rose-gold, silver, or other vibrant colors on stainless steel.