KEEPSAKE Brass urn -1500- Florentine White & Silver
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KEEPSAKE Brass urn -1500- Florentine White & Silver

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    White Enamel Overlay Brass Keepsake Urn

    This highly decorative floral urn with a Florentine flair will be an eye-catching addition to any showroom.  Families appreciate its rich detail and gleaming finish.  The white enamel overlay brass keepsake urn is hand-made brass with nickel-etched flowers and an enamel overlay.

    This highly decorative brass urn is nickel-plated with floral etching and an enamel overlay of white.

    A threaded lid allows for secure closure—felt-line base. 

    • Dimensions: Approx. 2.75 x 1.75" H
    • Capacity: 3 cu. in.

    Brass:  Brass is a combination of copper and zinc.  Long been prized for its hardness and workability.  Brass has endured due to its bright appearance and ease of workmanship with both hand tools and turning machines.