Alloy Urns & Jewelry Set #1 -4000- PINK HEART
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Alloy Urns & Jewelry Set #1 -4000- PINK HEART

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    Package 4000 - Pink Heart 1

    Our cremation urn packages are a perfect way to display products of the same style that families can purchase to commemorate a loved one.  20% off when you bundle! 

    Package 4000 - Pink Heart 1 includes the following 5 items:

    • 1 alloy urn - 4000-XS-PAW-HRT  extra small pink heart urn 15 cu. in.
    • 1 alloy urn - 4000-S-PAW-HRT small pink heart urn 30 cu. in.
    • 1 alloy urn - 4000-M-PAW-HRT medium pink heart urn 70 cu. in.
    • 1 stainless steel pendant and microfiber jewelry pouch - J-152 silver circle with small pink heart
    • 1 stainless steel cremation bangle with microfiber jewelry pouch -Bangle-01-light rose
    • 1 Bracelet Display pillow (may vary in color)

    Alloy:  Alloys combine two or more elements, at least one of which is a metal.  Bogati alloys are combinations of aluminum alloys, bronze alloys or nickel alloys.  All alloys used in Bogati urns are lightweight, strong, durable and can showcase many decorative finishes.