ADULT Dahlia Urns - Pearl White
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ADULT Dahlia Urns - Pearl White

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The Dahlia, Sand and Gelatin urn is produced using a clay-like material to create an attractive and environmentally-friendly alternative. Designed to float briefly and dissolve within four hours when placed in water, these top-loading urns have openings in the bottom, allowing water to enter.

Each urn is shipped in a box with custom protective packaging that provides families with a convenient and discreet option for transportation. 

When buried in the ground, the urn will biodegrade within three months. When placed into water, the urn will break down within three days.

These urns meet federal regulations requiring all containers used for burials at sea be 100% biodegradable. 

Passages® eco-friendly funeral products give families the opportunity to honor a loved one after their passing with a smaller environmental footprint. 

Dimensions: 7.28"Dia. x 8.66"H
Capacity: up to 214 cu. in.