LARGE Paulownia Wood Urn -PY01- Economy Urn
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LARGE Paulownia Wood Urn -PY01- Economy Urn

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    Large Paulownia Wood Economy Urn 

    The lightweight and durable nature of Paulownia wood makes it an ideal choice for urn construction due to its environmentally friendly properties.

    The Large Paulownia Wood Economy Urn boasts both a functional and attractive design, ideal for consumers searching for something modern. Furthermore, the urn's affordable cost renders it an ideal option for families careful with their budgets.

    Another important feature is the Economy urn's removable slide base for easy access.

    • Dimensions: 8.5” H x 6.5” W x 4.5” D
    • Capacity: 170 cu. in.

    Wood Disclaimer: Due to natural variations in grain characteristics, the final finish of some wood species may differ from the product photo, and Bogati Urns cannot guarantee an exact match. As such, returns are not accepted for discrepancies arising from natural variances.

    Paulownia Wood: Paulownia trees possess a remarkably fast rate of growth as compared to other hardwoods, making them an environmentally sustainable option. Typically, it can be utilized commercially in three years or less, earning it the nickname of 'aluminum of timber' due to its lightweight nature, strength, and malleability. Furthermore, it exhibits a smooth-grained and resistant-to-warp composition.