Jewelry Package: Leather Bracelets- Pack of 6
Jewelry Package: Leather Bracelets- Pack of 6
Jewelry Package: Leather Bracelets- Pack of 6

Jewelry Package: Leather Bracelets- Pack of 6

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    Popular Leather Bracelets - Jewelry pack - 6 pieces

    Six of our most popular bonded leather bracelets are on display in a white linen bangle box. 

    The set includes three 7.5" bracelets and three 8.5" bracelets. Four are braided in black or brown color and two feature a smooth band in brown color. All of them with high-quality stainless steel clasp openings. 

    The bracelets have small compartments to add cremains. Cylinders for the braided bracelets and plaques for the smooth bands. Please check each bracelet description for filling instructions.  After filling and prior to closing the bracelets, we recommend a dot of glue on the screw for secure closure. 

    Each bracelet in the popular Leather Bracelets package comes with its own double-stitched microfiber jewelry pouch.

    Bracelets included:

    • J-BRAC-06 Black Leather Braided 7.25” 
    • J-BRAC-06 Brown Leather Braided 7.25”
    • J-BRAC-06 Black Leather Braided 8.5”
    • J-BRAC-06 Brown Leather Braided 8.5”
    • J-BRAC-07 Smooth Brown Leather with plaque 7.25”
    • J-BRAC-07 Smooth Brown Leather with plaque 8.25”

    This pack also includes a white linen bracelet display (Dimensions: 1.55"x 4.28"x 7.75")