My Best Friend Memorial Keychain in Silver tone
J-098- Large Paw Print Keychain With Message
J-096- Large Pawprint Keychain
Memorial Keychain in black color with message My best friend
J-096- Large Pawprint Keychain
J-098- Large Paw Print Keychain With Message

J-098- Large Paw Print Keychain - My Best Friend

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    Large Paw print Memorial keychain with Message

    Our paw print keychain, adorned with the heartfelt message "My best friend," exudes strength and sentimentality. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, it offers a solid feel in the palm of your hand. Upon closer inspection, you'll notice a prominent heart integrated into the design, symbolizing the deep bond between pet and owner.

    Expertly finished with electroplating,  the keychain boasts a lustrous shine that catches and reflects light beautifully.

    Furthermore, a small screw at the base of the keychain allows for discreet storage of a small amount of cremains, preserving the memory of a beloved pet. For added security, we recommend applying a small glue dot to the screw after filling the urn, ensuring that its contents remain safely in place for years to come.

    Additionally, this Large Pawprint Memorial Keychain comes with its own soft, gray double-stitched suede microfiber jewelry pouch.

    • Dimensions: 1.4” H (includes bail) x 1.18” W x .19” D

    Stainless Steel is an alloy of mainly iron and carbon. This metal blend has high strength, malleable nature, and durability. Besides this and through the electroplating process, it produces attractive color tones such as gold, rose gold, silver, or black. It is relatively easy to work with, hence the preference for using this metal in jewelry applications.

    We recommend avoiding abrasive products to clean stainless steel jewelry.