GRAB BAG - 10 assorted Keepsakes

GRAB BAG - 10 assorted Keepsakes

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    10 Assorted Keepsake Urns for only $60!!

    Take advantage of the Grab Bag Promotion and purchase a set of 10 unique keepsake urns for just $60. The skilled team at Bogati thoughtfully curates the collection, handpicking pieces made from high-quality brass, alloy, or wood. You'll find a diverse selection of keepsakes in various styles and materials.

    This Grab Bag Promotion offers great savings with a selection of products chosen by the Bogati team at a fraction of the regular price.  

    • This 10-pack Urn Assortment may contain brass, alloy, or wood urns
    • Urns will be pre-selected by thoughtful Bogati staff

     Please note, that the products in this promotion are non-returnable.