ADULT - Basswood Urn -AW02- Dark Cherry finish
ADULT - Basswood Urn -AW02- Dark Cherry finish
ADULT - Basswood Urn -AW02- Dark Cherry finish
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ADULT - Basswood Urn -AW02- Dark Cherry finish

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    Adult Basswood Urn

    Explore the captivating Adult Basswood Urn, reminiscent of the fine craftsmanship of colonial artisans. Featuring elegant recessed panels, this urn boasts a rich dark cherry tone, evoking timeless sophistication. The urn features four felt pads at each corner, ensuring stability, while meticulously positioned screws offer secure closure. Additionally, a convenient pull tab facilitates easy access to the urn's base.

    For a personal touch, consider customizing this urn with an engravable plate, (at an additional price) to commemorate your loved one's memory.

    • Material: Basswood
    • Dimensions:  11.50" L x 7.25"H x 6.50" D
    • Capacity: 255 cu. in.

    Basswood: The wood of the basswood tree is lightweight, soft, and easily workable. Its como uses are for carving, making musical instruments, and crafting due to its fine grain and lack of strong grain patterns. Basswood is favored by woodworkers and artisans for its ease of manipulation and suitability for intricate designs.