ADULT -Alloy Urn -3125- WHITE with DRAGONFLY
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ADULT -Alloy Urn -3125- WHITE with DRAGONFLY

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    Adult White Alloy Urn with Dragonfly

    Our exquisite Adult White Alloy Urn with a Dragonfly is a true representation of timeless beauty and symbolism. This stunning urn showcases brilliant jewel-tone colors that serve as its hallmark, making it a captivating and meaningful choice to memorialize a loved one. The vibrant dragonfly, rendered in full color, gracefully hovers over the surface, complementing the glistening green plants that surround it. 

    Meticulous crafting with attention to detail enhances this White Alloy Urn with a clear lacquer finish.

    For the utmost security, the urn features a threaded lid, providing a secure closure to safeguard the precious memories held within.

    • Dimensions: 10" H x 6.5" W
    • Capacity: 200 cu. in.

    Exclusive Bogati Design.Other sizes available: Keepsake.

    Alloy:  Alloys combine two or more elements, at least one of which is a metal.  Bogati alloy urns can be made up of aluminum, bronze, or nickel alloys.  All alloys used in Bogati urns are lightweight, strong, and durable and can showcase many decorative finishes.