Themes And Colors - Ocean Serenity Display Set#6
Themes And Colors - Ocean Serenity Display Set#6
Themes And Colors - Ocean Serenity Display Set#6

Themes and Colors - OCEAN SERENITY - Display Set#6

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    OCEAN SERENITY - Display Set#6

    Bring a touch of elegance and beauty to your store with one of our Themes and Colors Collection Sets.  

    Introducing the Cremation Display Set Ocean Serenity, a perfect selection of products for your funeral home or crematorium. This set includes adult-size urns and matching keepsakes in original designs and crafted with blue tones, hence creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere. Moreover, color complements this selection of jewelry inspired by using the same blue tones, including bracelets and two beautiful heart pendants with crystals.

    The products in this Cremation Display Set Ocean Serenity have been explicitly selected with care to create a perfect matching scene, ensuring that your display is also visually appealing and harmonious. The combination of the blue tones and the original designs of the urns also creates a peaceful and calming atmosphere, helping your customers to feel comforted during difficult times.

    The OCEAN SERENITY - Display Set#6 includes:

    • Adult and Keepsake Alloy Urns Style #3076  Grecian Blue
    • Adult and Keepsake Alloy Urns Style #9010 Blue and Purple Swirl design
    • Adult Simple Alloy Urn Style #5-5050 Blue
    • Two Modern Bangles Style #3 in Blue, and Silver
    • Three Bangles Style #1 in Light Sapphire, Dark Sapphire, and Light Rose.
    • One Braided Bangle Style #18 in Silver
    • One Blue and Purple Glass Heart Pendant Style #2505 
    • One Blue Crystal Heart Pendant Style #564

    This set also includes the following displays to showcase the products:

    • 4 Acrylic stands (2 sizes)
    • 1 Linen "T" Display 
    • 1 small neck display for pendants
    • 1 large neck display for pendants

     Everything you see in the picture is included in this set.

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