KEEPSAKE -Classic Alloy Urn -3251– Washed Brown & White - Leaves and Vines - Pack of 10
  • SKU: A-3251-K-BRN-MRBL-10

KEEPSAKE -Classic Alloy Urn -3251– Washed Brown & White - Leaves and Vines - Pack of 10

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    Keepsake Washed Brown & White Urn - Pack of 10

    Our exquisite cremation urn features a beautiful washed effect in brown and white strokes, which creates a unique and stunning finish. Hand etching on the silver-tone bands creates a leaf and vine design.  This cremation urn will be a true symbol of elegance.

    The threaded lid ensures that the cremains are safely and securely kept within the Keepsake Washed Brown & White Urn. The felt-lined base adds an extra layer of protection, making sure that the urn will not scratch any surface.

    This original design in washed brown and white strokes is a one-of-a-kind piece that will stand out in any room.

    • Diameter: Lid 1.55", Body: 2.06", Base 1.30" [3.95, 5.25, 3.30 Cm]
    • Height: 2.90" [7.35 cm]
    • Capacity: 3 cu. in.

    Other sizes available: Adult (shown in the picture as a reference)

    Alloy:  Alloys combine two or more elements, at least one of which is a metal.  Bogati alloy urns can be made from aluminum, bronze, or nickel alloys.  All alloys used in Bogati urns are lightweight, strong, and durable, and can showcase many decorative finishes.