Which of these funeral and burial statements are false?

1. The use of a burial vault is required by law in the U.S.


State laws do not require that a burial vault is used, but most cemeteries require them since the vault prevents the ground from caving in. Some cemeteries will allow a less expensive grave liner to be used. Some liners cover only the top and sides of the casket and are assembled in sections around the casket, while vaults are more substantial enclosures for the casket.


2. A death certificate is required to file a funeral insurance claim?


Most companies require that you present the original policy and a certified copy of the death certificate. Check with the insurance company to confirm what documents are needed to redeem the policy.


3. With a traditional burial, it is customary for the husband to be buried on the right and the wife to be buried on the left.


A traditional husband-wife burial will mirror the position in a marriage ceremony with the wife on the left and the husband on the right.


4. True or False: The original birthplace of Memorial Day is unknown.


Even though President Lyndon Johnson officially designated Waterloo, NY as the official birthplace of Memorial Day in 1966, many towns still claim to be the “real” place where the holiday started. Among these are Richmond, VA, and Columbus, GA.


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