What state does not require funeral directors to be state licensed?

Of the following choices, which state does not require funeral directors to be licensed by the state?

Here are your choices:

A. Alaska

B. Texas

C. Colorado

D. California


Answer:  C. Colorado

Colorado State Laws & Regulations – Excerpt

Unlike most states, the State of Colorado does not license funeral directors or embalmers. Colorado’s legislature abolished the previous licensing system in 1982, primarily because of a lack of complaints by consumers and a cumbersome regulatory system.

For many years, CFDA has actively promoted legislation that would restore licensing for funeral professionals in Colorado. The state legislature has repeatedly voted down these measures because there are relatively few complaints by Colorado consumers about funeral service providers in the state.

In 2009, the Colorado General Assembly passed House Bill 09-1202 that restored regulation for funeral establishments and crematories. This act created a new licensing system for funeral homes and crematories in Colorado, administered by the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), Colorado’s consumer protection agency.

Source: http://www.cofda.org/laws

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