What type of casket construction is acceptable for burial under Jewish tradition?

Here are your choices: ( Answer below- No peeking)

a)  All-Wood

b) Wood and Metal

c) All Metal

d) Any material, as long as it is not constructed on the Sabbath (Saturday).


Jewish law prohibits the use of any materials that are not completely degradable in the construction of a burial casket. This is because unnatural materials will prevent the body from returning to the Earth as quickly as possible. There is a common misconception that people of the Jewish faith must be buried in a plain pine box.

However, a casket is a traditional, kosher casket if it meets all three of the following criteria:

  1. The casket must be made of wood. While pine is acceptable, so are caskets made of poplar, oak, cherry, maple, mahogany or any other type of wood. It can be stained or unstained, polished or unpolished, and can be of various shapes.
  2. The casket must be totally free of metal. No nails, screws, or metal hardware can be in its workmanship.
  3. The casket cannot be manufactured on the Sabbath.

Answer: a)  All-Wood

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