Top 5 Funeral Home Software Applications

The following is a collection of the top 5 Funeral Home and Cremation software applications as listed on the site A collection of reviews gathered over the past 5 years has listed these as the top 5 picks. This list is in no way an endorsement by the Bogati Urn Company. It is advised to consult a variety of resources and references when making a choice on what software application is best for you.


by Funeral Directors Resource

Funeral home software that starts at $69 / month. You can export contracts & payments to Quickbooks & integrate cases with your website. Osiris was written & is supported by a full-time staff of former funeral home owners who wrote & support Osiris. Funeral Director’s Resource started in 1991 as an accounting firm providing accounting services to the funeral industry. Support questions about QuickBooks, Osiris, and other accounting questions are handled by funeral home industry experts. Learn more about Osiris

Parting Pro

by Parting Pro

Parting Pro has been verified to help you GROW and manage your cremation business. Innovative funeral homes use Parting Pro to give families a modern, dignified experience. It’s simple enough that all your staff will be able to use it, but powerful enough to make the family experience seem modern and innovative. Serve more families, save more time, and grow your cremation business with Parting Pro. Learn more about Parting Pro

Plotbox Cemetery Solutions

by Plotbox

PlotBox is a cloud-based management solution that facilitates cemeteries and funeral homes in operating to world-class standards. It is unique and significantly superior because unlike all other providers, it is the world’s first solution to fully integrate 2 previously separate functions – software and mapping. The number and scope of problems this innovative software solves are numerous. It revolutionizes the way death care facilities both operate and grow. It will change the landscape of cemetery management forever. Learn more about Plotbox Cemetery Solutions


Halcyons Funeral Home Management Solution is a robust application to fully manage your funeral home. From custom obituary templates to powerful reporting functions, our comprehensive software gives you the tools you need to make the most of your time and resources. Halcyons Crematory Management Solution handles trade and/or at need human and pet cremations. From body tracking to partner portals and financial reporting our software lets you run your entire Crematory. Learn more about Halcyon


by Terradise Computer Systems

With over 30 years of experience, TerraPro helps funeral homes keep track of their daily paperwork, maintain price lists, create templates for various contract options and provides calendar/case status screens to help in scheduling. TerraPro works with other websites such as Answering Service for Directors, FrontRunner Professional to provide seamless Integration to your online presence. Additionally, TerraPro can interact with state EDRS systems to avoid re-entering information. Learn more about TerraPro


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