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12 Benefits of Digital Marketing Every Funeral Home Should Know

Social media is ‘marketing.’ It’s not the new marketing, it’s the current state of marketing, and funeral homes and death care companies can no longer afford to ignore it. There are so many reasons why death care companies need to get their heads out of the sand and start engaging on the platforms used by […]

20 Facts About Death

1. About 100 billion people have died in all human history. 2.  About 153,000 people will die on your birthday. 3. Doctors’ sloppy hand writing kills more than 7,000 people annually. 4. When a person dies, his/her sense of hearing is the last to go. 5. You are more likely to die from a falling coconut than from a shark attack. 6. Mount Everest has about 200 dead bodies on it, which are now […]

Cremation and The Church

Cremation and the Church In Today’s World

Witnessed by simple men and women, the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth confirmed the hope deep in the human heart that we will not be extinguished after death, that there is an eternal future for both our resurrected body and our soul. Jesus as Resurrected Lord is the first born of the dead, and where […]

Why David Bowie Chose Cremation

David Bowie’s career as a musician, actor, and performer, always had a sense of a unique and intriguing style. His last musical album, Blackstar, released January 8, 2016 on his sixty-ninth birthday. The album came out just before his death on January 10, 2016. It contains a song entitled, “Lazarus,” which is the same name […]

42 Funeral Rituals From Around the World

An illustrated collection of 42 different ways cultures celebrate the life of a loved one and, depending on beliefs, usher them on to the after life. Use coupon code this week:  ritual20  for $20 off your you next order of $200 or more.  Expires 11/17/2017.  

NFDA Gathers Helpful Information

In a recent blog article from Connecting Directors NFDA Consumer Survey: Funeral Planning Not a Priority for Americans Consumers are Not Shopping for their Funeral Homes For the fifth consecutive year, the National Funeral Directors Association’s (NFDA) annual Consumer Awareness and Preferences Study indicates that consumers acknowledge the importance of preplanning their own funeral, but fail […]

Who am I . I died on this day in 1936.

I died on October 20th 1936 in Forest Hills, Massachusetts.  I lead a tough childhood, but lead a very fulfilled life. Born April 14, 1866.  I became blind at the age of 8 due to an illness. I graduated from the Perkins School for the Blind in Boston and moved to Tuscumbia, Alabama and began […]

Are there any Confederate soldiers buried at Arlington Cemetery?

Answer:  Yes. Technically, the few hundred Confederate soldiers from the Civil War should not be buried in Arlington National Cemetery, per army burial regulations. It is a United States military cemetery and these soldiers, for the most part, did not serve in the United States military. Not too far from the Tomb of the Unknown […]

Popular Wood Used For Urns

What are two other names for Indian Rosewood; a popular wood used in making wooden urns? In fact, to see what Indian Rosewood look like. please click here.

Alternate Cremation Method

What alternate cremation method was tried and for the most part gained little popularity in India in the late 1980’s? This method was to replace traditional wood pyre cremation due to environmental concerns.