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Where is The Worlds Largest Cemetery Located?

Here are your choices: (Answer below- No peeking) A. Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington Virginia. B. Highgate Cemetery, London England C.Wadi Al-Salaam, Najaf, Iraq Answer:  C.Wadi Al-Salaam, Najaf, Iraq Wadi Al-Salaam (Arabic وادي السلام; Valley of Peace) is an Islamic cemetery, located in the Shia holy city of Najaf, Iraq. It is the largest cemetery in the world.[1] The cemetery covers 1,485.5 acres (601.16 ha; 6.01 km2; 2.32 sq mi) and contains over 5 […]

What is “Death Cleaning”, and which country did the term originate?

Here are your choices: (Answer below- No peeking) A. The act of washing the deceased in purified water prior to burial or cremation – Great Briton B. The act of people randomly cleaning burial plots, particularly in older cemeteries – USA C. The act of removing unnecessary things to make your home nice and orderly when you think […]

As NASA plans on venturing further and further into outer space, how does NASA plan to dispose of bodies in outer space when they cannot be returned to earth in a timely manner?

Here are your choices: (Answer below- No peeking) A. Attach them to a booster rocket engine and cremate the body? B. Freeze them in the airlock and then violently shake the body with a robotic arm until it turns to space dust. C. Release them into space after an appropriate service? The most elegant solution […]

5 Helpful Tips For Creating a Better Social Media Strategy

Marketing via social media seems like a no-brainer to funeral homes today. It’s one of the most-used media outlets of our time with more than 75% of Americans reporting they have at least one type of social media profile. You can’t beat that kind of reach. And because posting content costs so little compared to other […]

12 Benefits of Digital Marketing Every Funeral Home Should Know

Social media is ‘marketing.’ It’s not the new marketing, it’s the current state of marketing, and funeral homes and death care companies can no longer afford to ignore it. There are so many reasons why death care companies need to get their heads out of the sand and start engaging on the platforms used by […]

20 Facts About Death

1. About 100 billion people have died in all human history. 2.  About 153,000 people will die on your birthday. 3. Doctors’ sloppy hand writing kills more than 7,000 people annually. 4. When a person dies, his/her sense of hearing is the last to go. 5. You are more likely to die from a falling coconut than from a shark attack. 6. Mount Everest has about 200 dead bodies on it, which are now […]