Wholesale website access is for funeral and cremation professionals only.

Retail and individual accounts will not be accepted.

Why choose Bogati?  We offer:

  • An ever-growing selection of urns, keepsakes and jewelry
  • Bogati brand urn designs that are not available elsewhere 
  • Urns of the highest quality standards and workmanship
  • Free shipping for select items
  • True wholesale pricing that leaves ample room for your profit
  • Monthly specials that save you real money


A wholesale account with Bogati Urn Company saves you both time and money.   Our 30,000+ square foot facility houses our diverse inventory of over 1000 products.

You will not be able to see prices until your account has been approved.  We manually review each registration and those that do not qualify will be declined without notice. 

You will receive two emails before your account is authorized:

 + The first email confirms registration.

 + The second email is your approval.

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