Registration For Website Prices/Ordering 

Sign up for a Bogati Urns Wholesale Website Account (it’s free!) to enjoy access to:

  • An Online Order Loyalty Rewards program that gives you points toward online store credit. 

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  • An ever-growing, hand-picked selection of urns, scattering tubes, and related products
  • Urns of the highest quality standards and workmanship.
  • Urns sourced from artisans worldwide.
  • True wholesale pricing that leaves ample room for your profit.
  • Monthly specials that save you real money.
  • Periodic updates about new products, designs, accessories, and innovations
  • Plus, Bogati Urns can source custom urns just for your business or clients.

NOTE: Wholesale website access is for funeral and cremation professionals only.

A Wholesale account with Bogati Urn Company saves you both time and money.   And our new 14,400 square foot facility houses our diverse inventory of over 500 products.

Just simply call or order online when you need something and it will be on its way in a jiffy – often on the same day! With your registration you will be automatically enrolled in our Online Order Rewards Program. Also, don’t forget to sign up in the box to the left to receive monthly specials and promotions!



This is a WHOLESALE website. We do NOT sell directly to the public. If you do not include a business name or a business website that can be verified as a funeral or cremation-related service, your registration will be deleted without any notification. Thank You!

After completing the registration, you will not be able to see prices until your account has been manually approved and prices unlocked. This is a manual process to protect your customers from registering and seeing what you actually pay for the urns. We attempt to be as quick as possible when approving. However, on some occasions, it may take a little while during busy times.

You will receive two emails for the confirmation process:

Your first email is an automatic account set-up notification.

Your second email will notify you once your pricing has been unlocked and you will then be able to log back in and see prices. 

Don’t forget to check your “Spam” and “Junk” folders.