IMPERFECT SELECTION SMALL Hardwood Urn with Winged Angel
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IMPERFECT SELECTION SMALL Hardwood Urn with Winged Angel

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Small Hardwood Urn with Winged Angel

Oak, black walnut, and beech hardwoods combine in the flowing robes, hair and wings of this small hardwood urn with winged angel. Each urn hand-made by skilled artisans; no two are exactly alike. Opens at the base and securely closes with screws.

Imperfect Selection - Non-returnable.  These urns have minor imperfections or discolorations (no dents!). Moreover they are great for families in need or those that are price-conscious.

  • Dimensions: 7" H x 4.25" W x 3.75" D
  • Capacity: 30 cu. in.

An exclusive product of the Bogati® Urn Company.

Wood Disclaimer:   Wood, like any natural material, has inherent differences in color, tone and grain pattern. Moreover, some species of wood have unique grain characteristics that may cause the final finish to look darker or lighter in some areas. 

Because of variations caused by nature, Bogati Urns does not guarantee an exact match to the photo shown.  As a result, we cannot accept returns due to natural variations.