How to Make Funeral Planning More Bearable for Your Senior Loved One

When a senior loved one’s partner dies, it is an emotional and trying time. In addition to the sadness, your loved one may feel overwhelmed, scared, or angry. You can help by guiding her through the funeral planning process. Our tips will help you make the loss of a partner more bearable for your senior loved one.

1. Discuss the Departed Loved One’s Wishes

You need to begin by talking to your loved one about her partner’s final wishes. Is there a pre-paid funeral plan? If there is, many arrangements will already be completed. Get in contact with the funeral director and review the pre-paid arrangements with your loved one to ensure everything is in order.

On the other hand, if the deceased did not have a pre-paid funeral plan, your loved one will have to make many decisions. Be prepared to talk about whether her loved one wanted to be cremated, to hold a viewing, to have a private funeral, etc. Knowing the departed loved one’s wishes will make the funeral planning process a little simpler for everyone, and it will give your loved one some peace knowing that she is fulfilling her partner’s final wishes.

2. Work with the Funeral Director

If your loved one’s partner did not have a pre-paid funeral plan, you will need to begin by choosing a funeral home and funeral director. Everplans recommends choosing a funeral home that can accommodate all of the departed loved one’s wishes in addition to choosing one that has experience planning the type of funeral your loved one wants.

Ask questions at the first meeting, gain an understanding of all the services offered, and make sure your loved one feels comfortable with the director. Then, discuss cost and make sure that the funeral home can meet your budget. If you are concerned about the funeral budget, consider the tips offered by Fox Business.

After you have chosen a funeral home, work with the funeral director to walk your loved one through choosing an urn or a casket, depending on her partner’s wishes. She will have to determine whether to hold a viewing, what to put on the cemetery marker, what to include in the obituary, and which flower arrangements to order.

These decisions will be very difficult for your loved one to make, so rely on the expertise of the funeral director to help you guide her through the process. Be sure to give your loved one time to tell stories and share happy memories as she makes decisions so that she gets a break from the stress of the situation.

3. Thoroughly Plan the Day of the Funeral

You will need to ensure the day of the funeral runs smoothly so that your loved one does not have any extra concerns or stress on such a difficult day. Allow the funeral director to handle the logistics for the funeral home, viewing, and funeral, and then review the schedule with your loved one so she knows exactly what to expect and when. Having a schedule will help her focus on the day and give her a sense of order in the midst of an otherwise chaotic and emotional time.

It will be your job to make sure that everything is taken care of so that you can focus on helping your loved one get through the day. Delegate tasks like arranging for transportation and ordering from caterers to other family members, friends, or the funeral director. You also should make sure that things at your loved one’s home are settled for the day so she does not fret about anything. For example, you should hire a dog walker or arrange to board her dog so that she has one less thing to worry about while saying goodbye to her partner.

You must support and guide your senior loved one through the funeral planning process when her partner dies. Understand her departed loved one’s final wishes and work with the funeral director to finalize arrangements. Then, thoroughly plan the day of the funeral and ensure everything is taken care of while your loved one lays her partner to rest.

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