Friday FYI – The making of Rosewood urns from India

India itself has a rich wood carving history and contributes a great deal to the variety of carved handicrafts produced in wood. Having diverse climate patterns, India is blessed with a variety of soft and hard woods India’s cultural, language and religious diversity is reflected in the different handicraft styles that emerge from different regions.

Because these urns are hand-made, it can take anywhere from 7 to 10 months from the time we order to the time they are ready to ship!












When creating a carved wooden urn, the artisan begins with a single large block of wood. Designs are first drawn on paper which is then imprinted upon the wooden block.

Then, using a hammer and chisel, the artisan carves out the wood from the appropriate places in the design, layer by layer. Soon the urn begins to take shape.

When the artisan is satisfied with the carving, he buffs the wood so that its natural shine appears. Then it is stained, dried, and boxed and is ready for export. The whole process takes days and even months depending upon the complexity and size of the order. Rosewood and sandalwood is most commonly used  for creating wood urns produced in India.

Because these urns are made of a natural product and are hand-carved, each urn can have slight differences in wood grain and stain color. Each urn is unique. 



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