ADULT - Basswood Vertical Urn -AW04- Dark Cherry
ADULT - Basswood Vertical Urn -AW04-
ADULT - Basswood Vertical Urn -AW04-
ADULT - Basswood Vertical Urn -AW04- Black
ADULT - Basswood Vertical Urn -AW04-
ADULT - Basswood Vertical Urn -AW04- Cherry
ADULT - Basswood Vertical Urn -AW04-
ADULT - Basswood Vertical Urn -AW04-
ADULT - Basswood Vertical Urn -AW04-
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ADULT - Basswood Vertical Urn -AW04-

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    Adult Basswood Tower Urn

    Constructed from basswood, this urn offers a generous 220 cubic inches capacity, providing ample space for cherished memories. Its exquisite finish, available in dark cherry, solid black or cherry:  and intricately embedded panels with elegant borders add sophistication to any memorial display.

    Designed for convenience, the urn features a secure bottom opening with four sturdy screws for easy access and closure. Felted pads in each corner protect surfaces and ensure stability, while the smooth finish allows for effortless cleaning and maintenance.

    Personalize the tribute with an engravable plate or other accessories, adding a unique touch to honor a loved one's memory. With its timeless design and practical features, the Basswood Urn Tower Urn is a beautiful and functional choice for preserving cherished memories.

    • Material: Basswood
    • Dimensions:  9.2" H x 6.50 "H x 6.50" D [23.35x16.50x16.50 Cm]
    • Capacity: 220 cu. in. [3.60 Lt]

    Wooden Urn Disclaimer: Some species of wood have unique grain characteristics that may cause the final finish to look darker or lighter in some areas. Our company has no control over variations caused by nature. Therefore Bogati Urns can't guarantee an exact match to the photo shown. Accordingly, we cannot accept returns due to natural variations.

    Basswood refers to the wood from the American basswood tree, scientifically known as Tilia americana. It's a type of hardwood that is lightweight, yet strong and easy to work with. Basswood is commonly used in woodworking for a variety of purposes due to its fine, even texture and its ability to hold intricate details when carved or molded.